Somehow I’ve managed to post here for the third consecutive Thursday. Wow.

I may need to get more ambitious with New Years resolutions next January and step it up a little from last year’s “Run .0025 km  on February 3rd . . .  make that February 4th.”

I’m back in the Music City for the first time in what feels like ages. The Night Drivers and I head to Auburn, Alabama very soon, where we’re playing tomorrow (Friday/today/May 31/last Friday/sorry, I used this news copy in-joke last week) at “Bluegrass On the Plains” (see tour dates page).

The latest web site news is that we now have a semi-complete discography (some sessions I don’t remember; others, I’m trying to block out of my memory). Here it is.

On tomorrow’s “Truegrass” show on Bluegrass Junction, I’ll be digging up some music from Alabama artists, and a song or two with an Alabama theme, since that’s where I’ll be. The Louvin Brothers will be featured. It’s also Hazel Dickens’ birthday on Saturday, so we’ll be playing some of her music in the second hour.

My Bluegrass Today blog this week is a follow-up on last week’s murder ballad theme and features “revised” “Banks of the Ohio.”

Got to run. They’re about to kick me out of Panera!