Shady Grove

I see by glancing at my “Stars of The Love Boat” calendar that today is Monday, making this blog post a full 4 days late. My excuse is that I had a lot of green beans to pick.

IMG_0270 I’m making up for it by posting this video of me (and wait for my daughter’s cameo appearance) attempting to lip-sync C.W. McCall’s “Classified” while driving a U-Haul through Wyoming (they warn you not to do this in drivers’ ed.)

Our new CD, Lonely Comes Easy, has arrived at radio stations around the world. Feel free to request it from your DJs (but don’t call me or Ned Luberecki!). Response to our current single has been great. It was listed in the country “new and noteworthy” list on iTunes.

My column for Bluegrass Today discussed the psychology behind people’s fast food choices. It contains plenty of completely fake scholarly information. Try not to develop a complex at the drive-thru (a drive-thru at the complex, on the other hand, is fine). My next column will be about . . . oh how should I know? It’s only Monday!

This weekend the Night Drivers are off, but I’ll be playing a duo show with my wife Sally (see photo) at the Shady Grove IMG_3494Bluegrass Festival in Nanton, Alberta (Ian Tyson country). We’re looking forward to dusting off the duo act and bringing it down to southern Alberta. We’ll be joined there by our friends, and a band I filled in with earlier this year, John Reischman and the Jaybirds.

Have a great week. I’d send you some beans if I could.


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