Run Away Tonight


First order of business: there are some exciting developments regarding our upcoming release on Mountain Home: a sneak preview video has been released (see the home page), coinciding with the release of two downloadbale pre-release tracks that are available with an album pre-order. Those pre-orders became available on Tuesday. One of the tracks available is our soon-to-be-released first single, “Laurie,” which is the song you hear part of on the video. I co-wrote the song with Jon Weisberger.

Jon and I are both fans of Uncle Dave Macon, and we think of this song as a modern old-time song in that vein. In this one, a guy is calling to a girl in the upstairs window (think Rapunzel without all that hair). This is the theme of the album art, by the way, and the album title comes from the first verse of the song. Casey Driessen, a former Night Driver himself, returned to guest on fiddle. We discussed other women’s names, but settled on “Laurie” since Jon felt it was a nod to my time in Scotland this past year. It’s true that I encountered a number of Lauries while I was there, but they all spelled their name “Lorry” and they were all trucks. We got along very well as long as I never attempted to pass them on the left.

Radio stations will have copies of the CD in the coming week. Stay tuned for more news and more available tracks.

If you’re a social media butterfly, we have now added a band Instagram account. We make no promises, but we will attempt to post at least one cute fuzzy animal photo per month, as well as pictures from the glamorous (who are we kidding?) road. The link is also on our home page. The Facebook and Twitter links on the home page have always directed you to my pages, but I invite you also to like and follow our newly revamped band Twitter and Facebook pages. the goal of course is to get us all confused enough that we’re not sure which of us is posting what where at any given time. We find it’s more entertaining that way.

Album release party: we’re now scheduled to celebrate our album release on Friday, August 21st at the world famous Station Inn in Nashville. Show time is 9:00-ish PM and all are welcome!

More updates coming soon, so check back!

– Chris