Raleigh Recovery

Greetings from northern Alberta and the Northern Studio, where I am recuperating physically and psychologically from the IBMA World of Bluegrass. I’ve posted a video I made from my temporary Raleigh HQ on Day 1 of the week, which already seems so long ago. I felt so young and innocent back then!

Raleigh ShowcaseIt was a great week in Raleigh, and I think the IBMA should be congratulated for making that move and pulling off the first year, which is always prone to glitches. The photos are from our Saturday night showcase there at King’s Barcade. The one photo features special guests Emily and Alysha Bankester joining us on “Wolf Creek Pass.” Note that Martino Coppo, our good friend from the Italian bluegrass band Red Wine was filling in for Mark Stoffel (photos by Phil Bankester). Raleigh Showcase Wolf Creek

Things continue to go well for “Lonely Comes Easy”, both the song and the album, in spite of the government shutdown. We debuted in Bluegrass Today‘s monthly chart on Friday at #5. Good reviews and articles continue to pour in. Here are two interviews connected with the album, the first from Engine 145 (a couple of minor corrections on this one, because my answers are paraphrased: Trish Eaves lived clear across the country from my mother, and I wouldn’t have said “Of course I like them all” when asked what my favourite song was unless I was kidding. Also, Tom T. was kidding about the pancakes; we had eggs and tomatoes that morning!). Thanks to Henry Carrigan for an enjoyable conversation. The second article is from the Banjo Hangout.

Other recent positive reviews appeared in the Daily News, and Bluegrass Situation.

Looking ahead, I have posted new dates for 2014, which include two trips to Bean Blossom next year. Coming up this month, we’re excited to playing two events for the very first time: the Tennessee Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia in Norris, TN, and the Infamous Stringdusters’ Festy Experience in Roseland, Virginia. Later in the month, we’ll return to our other stomping grounds of southern Illinois to play the O’Neil Auditorium in Carterville, IL.

Oh yeah, and we’re now booked at Merlefest in 2014!

See you on down the road.