Number 5

smoky driveGreetings from the Calgary airport (“YYC,” for people who get a perverse kick out of using airport codes). I’m en route to meet the rest of the band in Sacramento and head on to Mammoth Lakes, CA, to play at the Mammoth Bluegrass Festival By the way, I’ve just heard that because of the cancellation of the Strawberry festival this year, any Strawberry ticket holders will be able to attend the Mammoth Bluegrass Festival for half price.

Our CD, “Lonely Comes Easy” was released on Tuesday and we just learned that our new single (the title track) just debuted at #5 on the Bluegrass Today weekly chart. This week, Ned Luberecki and I switched our Sirius XM roles and were interviewed by Kyle Cantrell for Bluegrass Junction’s “Track-by-Track” show. It has already aired twice, but you have two more chances to catch it: tomorrow (today, Saturday) morning at 8:00 AM eastern (if you live in Pacific time and get up at 5:00 AM on a Saturday to listen to it, you deserve some sort of special recognition, possibly a medal), and Sunday at 11:00 AM eastern.

Remember what I said earlier in this post about being in the Calgary airport? Well, that information was so 3:00 PM (Mountain). I’m now on the flight to Denver, sitting across the aisle from a man wearing pajamas with billiard balls on them (see photographic evidence).IMG_0328

Things are rolling right along since the release of our new CD, “Lonely Comes Easy.” The first review that I’m aware of came out of Alberta. More are already out, and it’s been very encouraging.

Remember what I said about being on an airplane? Scratch that. We have now arrived in Mammoth Lake, CA after a late night drive through some smoky territory in the California Sierras (see photo above). We perform this evening (now Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday) at the festival.

J.D. Crowe retired at the end of 2012, and last Tuesday it was his birthday, so this weekend’s “Truegrass” (the classic bluegrass show that I host every week) on Bluegrass Junction is a 3-hour tribute to J.D. It’s already aired once, but you can catch the rebroadcast on Sunday at 6:00 PM, Eastern. “Truegrass” is now available on demand from Sirius XM.

Have a wonderful Labour Day weekend, however you choose to spend it. Feel free to comment below. I’ll have a new update next week.