New Tracks Available


The Night Drivers are freshly back from a wonderful experience at the High Mountain Hay Fever bluegrass festival. Thanks to Ron Thomason and everyone involved for having us. While we were there, Chad Graves of the Hillbenders taped a couple of songs for a satellite TV show.


Today (July 17) is an important day for us and for our upcoming release of “Run Away Tonight.” Two more tracks are being made available for immediate download with a pre-order of the new album. Previously, the new single “Laurie” and “Tonight I’m Gonna Ride” were downloadable, now add to that another original of Jon Weisberger’s and mine, “One Night in Paducah,” and the traditional sea ballad “The Leaving of Liverpool.”


Here are some notes on those two songs:

“One Night in Paducah”: This song has steamboats, gambling, romance, liquor, violence, “adult situations”, and the word “levee” in it. Still it has only earned us a PG-13 rating (soon to be a motion picture starring Mark Wahlberg). This was inspired by, among other things, a concert we played aboard the American Queen steamboat last year. Paducah was one of the scheduled stops. As many songs as Jon writes these days, he said this was his first real “story song”, and for me it was my first minor key vocal song, so it was new territory for both of us.

“The Leaving of Liverpool”: This is an old Irish/English sea ballad which Bob Dylan later adapted and turned into the version more familiar to bluegrassers, “Fare Thee Well.” I first heard the song when I was around 6 or 7 years old on a recording by the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, who had a top 10 hit with it in Ireland in the early ‘60s. I loved it and we thought it would be a nice tip of the hat to my time spent in that part of the world this past year. There really was a ship called the Davy Crockett, and there really is a Liverpool. Bob Dylan, though, is strictly a fictional character.

Pre-order now and have all four songs immediately available for download. More news coming soon.


– Chris