Miss Dixie, Laurie, and Viva NashVegas


Sorry about the length of time since the last time I posted to this blog.

The Night Drivers and I had a wonderful, and by all traditional measures, a successful European tour last month (no one was arrested or hospitalized). Pictures from the tour are sprinkled around on this page, if pictures can be sprinkled.


We have lots of people to thank for making it possible, including Rosta Čapek, Ivana Loukova, Adiaha Bürkmiller, Rolf and Monika Nef, Paolo Dettwiler, and the Bluegrass Family. I also want to thank our mandolin player, Mark Stoffel, for his invaluable connections in Germany, and for doing a lot of work in setting things up.

With Rob Ickes sitting in, at Adiaha's Bluegrass Camp in Aschau, Germany

With Rob Ickes sitting in, at Adiaha’s Bluegrass Camp in Aschau, Germany



While riding the Appenzellerbahn, near Appenzell, Switzerland

While riding the Appenzellerbahn, near Appenzell, Switzerland

I’m in my northern Alberta base right now, but next week I’ll be back in Nashville for some important dates. One that I’m very honoured to participate in, and that has great personal meeting for me, is a tribute to Miss Dixie Hall at the Country Music Hall of Fame. It’s part of the Louise Scruggs Forum there. I’ll be there to sing three songs of Miss Dixie’s, joined by Jon Weisberger and Ned Luberecki. Heather Berry Mabe, Sierra Hull, Carl Jackson, and others will be performing as well. That happens on Wednesday, November 18. Reservations are required.

On Saturday the 21st, the Night Drivers and I will return to that gem of broadcasting funkiness, The Viva NashVegas Radio show. It’s actually an internet TV show, and it tapes in the late morning at Kimbro’s in Franklin, TN (check the tour dates page for details).

All has gone extraordinarily well on the radio airplay front. “Laurie,” our first single from our new CD Run Away Tonight has now spent 16 weeks on Bluegrass Today’s top 20 chart, with 6 weeks at #1, and two straight months in the #1 spot of their monthly chart. It’s definitely the biggest chart success we’ve ever had, and we’re thrilled. Thanks to all the programmers and DJs who have played it, all the listeners who have asked for it, and to our new label Mountain Home for their tremendous support. Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 9.09.48 PM

We’ve recently added some tour dates in Tennessee, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. Look for more dates to be added  in southern California between January 18-22. We hope to see you down the road soon.

I hope you’re preparing for a happy, relatively stress-free, and completely turkey-full Thanksgiving! More soon.

— Chris