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Ned, with Tim Surrett and Scott Barnett, listening back


I’m finally able to post an update, after making it through the Nashville ice/sleet storm of ’15. By the way, when did they start giving winter storms names like “Octavia”? We used to just say “it looks like snow tonight,” and let it go at that. Anyway, it was not my intention to “lead with the weather” as your local TV station has no doubt been doing all month, I wanted to let you know how things were going in the studio.

The day we arrived at Crossroads

The day we arrived at Crossroads

A week or so ago we spent a busy week at Crossroads Studios in Arden, NC, which is also the home of our new record label, Mountain Home. I can’t say enough positive things about our experience there so far. Tim Surrett, who has been in the co-producer’s chair has been wonderful to work with, as has ace engineer Scott Barnett. The whole team at Mountain Home has impressed us, as has the genuine family feeling we get from the place. Mickey Gamble said the words “welcome home” to us, and we genuinely felt it. We’re even pretty thrilled with the coffee maker (and isn’t that an important element in any home?).

Microphone of the Unknown Lead Singer

Microphone of the Unknown Lead Singer

I’ll continue to update you as we near the finish line with the project, and when we know more about release date, etc. I’ll just say now that we feel that the project so far is the best work we’ve done together in the studio, and we’re very excited about it.

Meanwhile, we’re also very happy that our current single “Like a Hawk” has now spent 4 straight weeks in Bluegrass Todays top 5. Since live projects are not known for burning up the airwaves, we’re thrilled with that. We kicked off our 2015 touring appropriately enough with a concert at the place we we recorded Live at The Old Feed Store, namely–you guessed it–The Old Feed Store

Speaking of Bluegrass Today, I continue to write a weekly column for them which appears on Wednesdays. This week, it’s all about the bluegrass band “subtitle.”

The pictures are from Crossroads Studios, plus one from our pre-studio rehearsal (it’s always a good idea to learn your own songs, at least a little anyway).

rehearsal Ned's

Ned's "nest" (complete with Ricola) in the studio

Ned’s “nest” (complete with Ricola) in the studio

Got to run. It looks like snow, or perhaps Winter Storm Sisyphus.