Hitting the Road

Hello from the Music City, where I’m steadfastly avoiding the downtown CMA Music festival hubbub, when possible. I don’t like making judgements about the current state of country music (there are plenty of other people who can do that), but I think it’s indisputable that, if nothing else, it’s loud! I could hear the rumble in my very soundproof Sirius XM studio. The studio door is so thick I have to do hockey-style body-check to open it, and the sound from outside the arena penetrates that with no problem.

In a few days we hit the road for 2 shows at Bean Blossom (Wednesday). Then it’s on to Tottenham, Ontario next weekend  to play two days at their 30th annual festival (see tour dates page).

A quick note about IBMA awards. The initial round of voting closes on June 10th. We have two eligible recordings: “If That Was Love” and “Wolf Creek Pass,” which then makes us qualified for whatever you want to nominate us for (though I’d like to withdraw my name for consideration for “Dobro Player of the Year” in spite of that one session I played). I already mentioned this on Facebook, but please nominate Jon Weisberger in the category of “Disco Clawhammer Banjo Player of the Year” (there’s a true story behind this.

Seriously, though “Wolf Creek Pass” is a natural for Recorded Event of the Year because of the singing of Claire Lynch and Sierra Hull on the recording.

This week’s Bluegrass Today column explores bluegrass urban (?) legends (including a new twist on the time-worn Bill Monroe bagel story) and tries to give them a Snopes-like response.

My classic bluegrass show on Sirius XM, Truegrass” will feature some extra guitar music, as we celebrate the birthdays of two of bluegrass’s greatest guitar innovators, Tony Rice and Clarence White (Bluegrass Junction, Sirius XM 61, Friday, 3-6 pM eastern, Sunday, 6-9 PM eastern).

Below is a photo of me, Nashville singer/songwriter/producer Thomm Jutz, and Jon Weisberger at the album release for The 1861 Project vol. 2

Have a great week.