German Honky Tonk Station ID

Welcome to the first of what I hope is a series of semi-pointless, sometimes slightly surreal, occasionally interesting video clips  from the road and other places. The first one is of me doing a station ID for my friend Bruno Theil for his internet radio show. Bruno is the owner of The Rattlesnake Saloon in Munich, Germany. I did the ID right after our show there. It was the last night of our recent European tour. The Oscar-eligible smartphone camera work was done by world-renowned banjo player, dj, and international food photographer Ned Luberecki.

photo by Ned Luberecki

photo by Ned Luberecki

I crossed back over the Canadian border today with the Night Drivers, and I’m writing this right now from just outside of Tottenham, Ontario, where they’re holding the 30th annual Tottenham Bluegrass Festival. We’re excited to be a part of it. We’ll play two shows Friday and another two on Saturday.

My Bluegrass Today column this week deals with the issue of bluegrass impersonation scams (now that there is such a thing) and other look-alike topics.

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, so I thought this weekend’s Truegrass show should feature some Dad-friendly classic bluegrass. I learned a while ago that there are way more mother songs than father songs in classic bluegrass, but I found a few. We’ll kick the show off with “When Papa Played the Dobro.” Truegrass airs on Bluegrass Junction, Sirius XM channel 61, Friday, 3-6 PM and Sunday, 6-9 PM (all times Eastern).

Happy Father’s Day to you all.