First ever second post

Last week I made a vow–well, maybe it wasn’t so much making a vow as setting a goal (he said, lowering expectations)–to post something new every Thursday, or some day that’s very similar to Thursday. I’m pleased to announce that I’m now officially on a streak (very much like a 2013 Chicago Cubs  winning streak) with my second blog post on this new site, right on schedule.

I’m in northern Alberta right now, but heading to the US by next week to play some festivals with the Night Drivers, starting with one in Auburn, AL this coming Friday (see the tour dates page for more info).

I’m excited about the fact that the artwork for our new CD is done and really looks good, thanks to the fine work of Lou Everhart of Zografia in Nashville. Rebel Records is expecting an August release date for the new project, which will be called “Lonely Comes Easy.”

This week’s Bluegrass Today column covered the topic of bluegrass murder ballads and their possible origins. I have no idea what next week’s topic will be, which is pretty much normal for this time of the week.

Tomorrow (Friday/today/yesterday/two years ago last May) I’ll have a Memorial Day weekend Truegrass show on Sirius XM’s Bluegrass Junction (channel 61). We’ll have some Memorial Day-themed songs, and we’ll celebrate the birthdays of Mac Wiseman and Tom T. Hall. The show starts at 3:00 PM eastern.

Have a great holiday weekend. I’ll try to make it 3 in a row next week. I challenge the Cubs to do the same (are those crickets I hear?).


Below is another European tour photo: A picture of Ned Luberecki taking a picture. This is from an outdoor concert we did in southern Germany. Are we tourists or what?

Taking pictures on the stage when we should be playing music

Taking pictures on the stage when we should be playing music