Cyber Monday goes international


Greetings from Angus, Scotland, where I’ll be hanging out for another week, before returning for some shows, including Christmas in the Smokies and our live taping of a Song of the Mountains show in Marion, VA.

It turns out that not only has “Black Friday” started to spread around the world (even though no one outside the U.S. has the day off), “Cyber Monday” is truly international. We, being the aggressive business mavens that we are felt we should jump in too. Okay, to be honest, CD Baby is jumping in, but we’re at least telling you about it.

Our latest CD, “Live at the Old Feed Store”, as well as a previous release of ours, “Cloud of Dust,” are carried by CD Baby, and they’re offering 1¢ shipping (yes, that’s one U.S. red cent) on all CDs, no matter where in the world they’re being shipped to, or how many are being shipped. This offer is only good through Wednesday, December 3rd, so you need to act quickly. It’s also only good while in-stock supplies last. Downloads are great, but they’re so difficult to wrap, so this is a good time to get a CD order in.

Okay, sales pitch over. While here in Scotland, we had a visit from the Lubereckis, and we had a great day in Edinburgh doing tourist stuff, like visiting this castle (left).


We also caught an amazing Christmas concert by a Norwegian choir. Ned Luberecki also photographed his own haggis (and then ate it, along with the nicely arranged “tatties” and “neeps”), a sort of haggis selfie. What’s in haggis, you ask? Well, you know what they say: if you have to ask . . . .


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here’s a link to my pre-Thanksgiving column in Bluegrass Today