Conspiracies, New CDs, and New Tour Dates

I’m trying to stay on schedule and update this site every Thursday. Consider this Thursday-ish.

I have more news than usual this week:

We now have in our anxious little hands actual copies of our brand new CD, Lonely Comes Easy. It will be released to the public at large on August 27th, but we will have our first copies for sale this Sunday, June 30, at the Red White & Bluegrass festival in Morganton, NC.

The next place we’ll have it is in Cobden, IL at The Old Feed Store, which brings me to another important item of business:

We are recording a live album in Cobden (for future release), and have decided to turn it into a 2-day bluegrass event there, which will include the live taping, a set each night from The Bankesters, and afternoon workshops on individual instruments. This will be happening July 13th and 14th. For more information about this, go to the tour dates page.

I have no video this week. After the first two I posted, this may come as a relief to you. More are coming soon, though. Some will laugh (all of my band members) but until a few weeks ago, I had never owned a smartphone, but now I do. Hearing this

Are you a conspiracy theorist? Do you believe that the moon landing was a hoax orchestrated by Gil Hodges, then manager of the New York Mets, who just happened to win the World Series that same year? Do you believe that 9/11 was planned and carried out by Jackie Onassis, who is still alive and is actually Justin Bieber’s grandmother? Well, we have our bluegrass conspiracy theories too, and that’s the subject of my Bluegrass Today column this week. This one is a rerun, but contains a new introduction and features the addition of the word “backwards,” which was erroneously omitted form the first run (and I suppose that was just a “coincidence”!).

Truegrass will be coming from Nashville today (June 28) at 3:00 PM eastern, on Bluegrass Junction, Sirius XM 61. We’ll kick the show off with a bluesy number from Bill Monroe that was written by Doug and Rusty Kershaw. The New Hampshire band White Mountain Bluegrass will make their Truegrass debut, as will Linda Ronstadt (don’t worry, she’s just singing some harmony on a Mike Auldridge song).

We hope to see you in Morganton, NC, Cobden, IL, or somewhere else down the road!

Note: you’re free to leave comments, so please do, and I promise to reply.


P.S. The photo is of a double rainbow seen several weeks ago, just down the road from “The Northern Studio” in Alberta , in the evening around 10:00 PM