I’d open with the usual apology for how long it’s been since my last post, but there’s more important business at hand. This is an updated and expanded version of something I posted on Facebook earlier this week:

This past Monday afternoon was unfortunately my last daily show on the Sirius XM‘s Bluegrass Junction for the foreseeable future. Because of changes there, my schedule will now be reduced to Saturdays only, plus my “Truegrass” show. Ned Luberecki will also be working a more limited schedule. He will also be heard on Saturdays only, though I’m pleased to report that he will continue the Derailed show in its current time slot. I’m not at liberty to elaborate on the reasons or circumstances, what little I know. I’ve been on the air almost every weekday there for over 12 years, so it’s certainly with some sadness that I tell you this, but I don’t plan to discuss it much on the air, and I wanted to inform you as best I can. To those that have listened on a regular basis, and especially to those who have been with me and Bluegrass Junction for many years, I can’t thank you enough. It has come to feel like a family. To members of my “Listener Board of Directors,” to those who have been regular callers and emailers, your loyalty and participation have been appreciated more than you know.

Thanks also to all the friends, family members, listeners, and fans who have voiced their support and encouragement in the past week. It has been very meaningful to me.

To the people that I work with at Bluegrass Junction, Kyle Cantrell, Joey Black, and Ned Luberecki, it has always been an honour and a privilege to work with you, and I look forward to doing so in the future, though it will now be in a much more limited capacity.

Thank you all!

On a brighter note, I’m happy to let you know that The Night Drivers and I are just beginning what will be the busiest touring year we’ve had by far, with appearances in the next few weeks at Big Sky Big Grass, The Joe Val Bluegrass Festival, and The KBA Winter Bluegrass Festival.

Check our tour dates page, as brand new dates have just been added in Prince Edward Island, and southern California.

Interest and airplay continue to show strength for Lonely Comes Easy, as Where I Am” spends its 3rd week in the Bluegrass Today weekly chart (currently #2 in the monthly chart), including 2 straight weeks at number 1. Meanwhile, the title track has  jumped back into the top 10.

The video linked here of “Where I Am” is from a recent performance at Knoxville’s Laurel Theater.