Busy Summer

In spite of the busy schedule, we worked in a Wrigley Field visit recently (and the Cubs won!)

In spite of the busy schedule, we worked in a Wrigley Field visit recently (and the Cubs won!)

Well, I know I’ve been a little slow to update this blog. If you take a look at our tour dates page and look at the previous month, you’ll understand why. It’s been a very busy summer.

First of all, if you’ve received “for your consideration” emails from various artists, publicists, record labels, etc. In the last week, there’s a good explanation for it: the second round of IBMA awards voting has begun.

We have never sent mass emails out asking for votes (more on that later), but just in case you’re interested to know, I guess I can go ahead and tell you the categories we’re listed in on the . If you’re an IBMA member and feel we deserve a vote, we won’t make any attempt to stop you from doing it.

Here they are:

Entertainer of the Year

Instrumental Group of the Year

Album of the Year (“Lonely Comes Easy”)

Male Vocalist of the Year

Banjo Player of the Year (Ned Luberecki)

Bass Player of the Year (Jon Weisberger)

As  it so happens, the “for your consideration” emails are the subject of my column this week in Bluegrass Today. Though, as I said, we have never sent one of these out, I attempt to defend the practice. You may or may not agree.

In other news, we just returned from a great week at Camp Bluegrass at South Plains College in Levelland, TX. Joe and Paula Carr do a wonderful job of keeping this great tradition going and making this a music camp with a very positive and fun atmosphere. It was a pleasure to be back. The Stanley Brothers were the theme of the camp this year, and a highlight for me was getting to sing some Stanley songs with my longtime friend Dede Wyland during the staff concerts. At right is Dede (far left) and Ned Luberecki joining some students during the student concert on the camp’s last day. At left is The Night Drivers playing during one of the week’s staff concerts.

Camp BluegrassIMG_1636

If you turn to the tour dates page, you’ll see that we’re heading back up to Michigan this coming weekend, then it’s out to Wyoming for the Targhee Bluegrass Festival. From there I’ll be heading all the way across the continent to the maritime provinces of Canada where we’ll be playing in Tignish, Prince Edward Island at the bluegrass festival there. You may also note that we’re playing our first ever riverboat cruises. These cruises go through some beautiful Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri river country. The cruises are called “Bourbon and Bluegrass” and we’re very excited to be a part of them.