Raleigh and Release Recap

Feedstore Band 3

I was meaning to write a Raleigh recap days ago, but a few things came up, like a live album release, doing a lot of on-air fill-in work for Kyle Cantrell on Bluegrass Junction, and flying to Scotland. Other than that, it’s been pretty quiet.

Raleigh seemed to be a resounding success once again. We had a good week, appearing once during the week at a showcase presented by our agency, Roe Entertainment. It took place in the Marriott hotel. In case you were wondering, it’s every musician’s ultimate goal to sleep in the same place he/she performs. I think this is the enduring appeal of Vegas. On Saturday, we appeared at the Raleigh Convention Center during Wide Open Bluegrass.

Feed Store Mark laughingThe following Tuesday our new album was released and the next day, October 8, we went back to the place where we had recorded it last summer, The Old Feed Store in Cobden, IL. It was a really special night for us, and it was so good to see some of the same people who were there providing the applause on the record. Alysha and Emily Bankester (who also Feedstore w_Bankestersguests on the album) were on hand too, and we really appreciated it. In short, we had a great night. Thanks, Ray and Rose, and everyone who attended.

By the way (brace yourself for sales plug), to order “Live at the Old Feed Store” click here.

Print Media AwardIn discussing the IBMA, above, I neglected to thank “the academy” for the IBMA awards. I won Print/Media Person of the Year for my weekly Bluegrass Today column (see? they actually do give out awards for being silly), and our last album, “Lonely Comes Easy” won for Best Graphic Design, thanks to the wonderful work of Lou Everhart.

I’m actually writing this update from Scotland. More on that later (being a tease, sorry).